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We live in a world that is dominated by opinion. Don’t misunderstand. Opinions are important, but opinions constantly change. Something that may be embraced by public opinion today may be completely rejected by the same public opinion in the near future. Because opinions are always changing, we really cannot build our lives on the opinions of others. In truth, we cannot even build our lives on our own opinions because even they are constantly changing. We need an unchanging, reliable, and trustworthy truth upon which we can build our lives.
There really is only one unchanging, reliable, and trustworthy truth in this world, and that truth is the Bible. So when you worship with us, you can be certain that our teaching will be focused on helping us all understand the Bible better and how its truth should impact our lives today. Each episode podcast contains a portion of First Baptist's worship service including music, Scripture readings, prayer, and Pastor Jason Ingram's teaching. Thank you for joining us on the journey!

Aug 6, 2017

Included Music: First Baptist congregation singing All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name, Praise Him! Praise Him!, Oh How I Love Jesus, Mighty Is Our God, Glorious Is Thy Name, and His Name Is Wonderful followed by an instrumental rendition of Make Me a Servant by Adrienne Ingram, Janice Sutton, and BC Vickers  
Message Title: When We Build Bridges  
Text: Acts 9:26-31  
Take Home Point: We are called to build bridges between our fellow believers so the church may be united in our commitment to Jesus.